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Christ-centered communities passionate about reaching and transforming lives through holistic ministries.


Transformed and healthy communities throughout the Philippines where people are experiencing Christ and engaging their God-given value and purpose.

Core Values

  1. Christ-centered
  2. Stewardship
  3. Community
  4. Reproducibility

A Brief History

The Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc. (or Frontline), founded and led by Jeff and Rowena Pessina, has been serving the Filipino people and nation for nearly 35 years. From humble beginnings of just a few young people armed with little more than vision and faith, Frontline has reached millions of people nationwide with the Gospel through a variety of means.

The roots of the ministry actually go back to the late 1970’s, when attempts were made by Christ is the Answer Crusades, Inc. to establish a permanent work in this island nation. For a number of reasons, both of these attempts failed. In 1980 Jeff Pessina was invited to assist in what would be the third attempt. In the years that followed a small mission-team was established with relative success. A number of evangelistic tent crusades were conducted in various towns and cities on the northern island of Luzon. However, in 1985, due again to financial, practical, and spiritual matters, the success of a long term mission work faltered and faced unlikely odds of success.

However, the call of God to reach and impact the nation for Christ was real and was not to be given up. Though facing many yet-to-be-known trials and struggles ahead, Jeff accepted the leadership role and carried on in faith to build and lead a team to what eventually became an established, registered ministry, that would go on to reach millions of Filipinos with the Gospel over the next 20 years.

History of Philippine Frontline Ministries

During these 20 years, the Frontline team lived on the road year-round in a mobile camp of tents and trailers. Traveling to hundreds of cities with a full-time ministry team of as many as 75 people, over twenty trailers, and dozens of tents, Frontline conducted thousands of evangelistic outreaches, focusing primarily on large gospel tent meetings, open-air meetings, street witnessing, and door-to-door community evangelism.

Jeffrey and Rowena Pessina

In the year 2000, the ministry leadership moved to establish a permanent base in order to ensure future growth and a wider ministry impact. The Frontline Ministry Center was established in San Pablo City, Laguna, and now serves as a center for training and ministry development with a continued emphasis on discipleship, leadership development, and teamwork, all relative to evangelizing and impacting the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Over the past 15 years, Frontline has developed into a multi-faceted ministry, committed to a transformation that includes all aspects of life and society through an increased number of socially-engaging approaches, all being compassionate and evangelistic in nature. Frontline now has a growing network of vibrant, community-engaged churches (Frontline Worship Center), a registered Christian school (Frontline Christian Academy, Inc.), a registered child care program to abandoned, abused, or dangerously neglected children (Face the Children), and several social enterprise undertakings. All of these efforts are carried out by full-time and part-time ministry workers, both paid and volunteer.

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