Transformed by the power of Jesus Christ

Greetings again from the Frontline!


Judea (several years ago) with her good friend and faithful sponsor Cliff Parrish.

Holistic restoration is something Frontline lives for. We love seeing lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. To see broken families restored; homeless people in homes; and street kids, once in utter despair, restored physically, emotionally, spiritually, and thriving forward in a life of opportunity.

Judea Delos Santos entered our Face the Children program in 2006. She was from a broken family and, though only 12 years old at the time, had already experienced many of the hardships and abuses this world has to offer. She had little to look forward to as a child, not even knowing where she would sleep or how she would eat each day. School was a distant impossibility; something for other kids; and that was much less important than surviving another day. But the God who loves reaching and helping people find their way back to Himself chose her, and pulled her out of that life into a new one of love, of care, and of promise and opportunity.


Judea (more recently) with FTC Staff, “Mom,” and mentor, Andrea Erickson.

Like the rest of us Judea is still learning, growing, and overcoming, but she is certainly moving forward in the discovery of God’s call for her life. She is deeply passionate about helping others, which is the heart of the Frontline DNA. That’s the cool thing about our God; His ways are not ours, and He often surprises us. We had no idea years ago just how much God had in store for Judea, or how she would become an influential leader.

Fast forward nine years. Judea is on track to help others in a major way. She desires to be a doctor and is on the pathway to do so. Having graduated 2nd highest in her class at Frontline Christian Academy, Judea is now a sophomore at a prestigious Philippine college. Besides this, she was recently commissioned as the Children’s Director at one of our main churches; a role she served as a helper for over five years. We are continually proud of her accomplishments and her constant heart to help others in need.

Judea’s story is not finished. She will surely face trials, hurdles, and tough decisions as she pursues her dream. To get Judea where she is today has been a team effort involving individuals at Frontline Worship Center, the staff at Frontline Christian Academy and Face the Children, as well as the committed and personally involved donors. All these have played critical roles in helping Judea to believe in herself, to stay the course, and succeed. Frontline believes that where teamwork and collaboration exist, the Holy Spirit can do transformative miracles! Thank you again for being a part of the Frontline effort.


Judea has long served at Church in Music Ministry, and now is director of Children Ministry.

Thanks for participating and helping in the transformation of lives of precious young ones like Judea. These are great investments!

Philippine Frontline Ministry