Frontline Business Initiatives


Frontline cares about the quality of life people do or do not enjoy. As such, we’ve become engaged in the lives of people and communities through social enterprise. In many christian circles today this is referred to also as “business-as-ministry” (or BAM). Regardless of the name, the main objective of our business initiatives is to meet needs through job creation, providing dignified, caring work environments, and utilizing profit revenues not only to sustain organizational objectives, but to expand our reach and capacity to help more people in need.


Three workers serving at RemoteLink Philippines, Inc. in bookkeeping services.

RemoteLink Philippines, Inc. (RLPhil) – RLPhil is an IT staffing company that has been operational since 2007. Its vision and mission is business that maintains harmony between the three goals of 1) excellent products and services, 2) revenue generation, and 3) positive impact upon the people and communities in which we exist. Currently with 12 local employees, intentions are to grow the business into a world-class provider of web solutions and skilled IT staffing services.

Besides providing jobs in an excellent work environment, RemoteLink Philippines has provided a suitable venue for Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. to carry out it’s mission for 10 years to date.

High Tech Work and Training at RemoteLink Philippines, Inc.

High Tech Work and Training at RemoteLink Philippines, Inc.

Frontline Thread Works (FTW) – FTW is a sewing project aimed at uplifting the lives of marginalized people by providing an alternative and dignified means of work and income. Our vision is a network of micro-factories placed primarily in marginalized rural areas, where job provision and successful revenue generation will elevate the economic and spiritual condition of the target communities.


Some of the workers at Frontline’s ThreadWorks project. A perfect tool to engage marginalized communities in need.

Currently the FTW pilot project at the Frontline Mission Center in San Pablo City, Laguna is fully operational. At this micro-factory orders are now being filled for a wide variety of sewing projects, skill development and training of workers is ongoing, and operational capacity being refined. This project has been noted by the Dept. of Trade and Industry (DTI) as well as the Dept. of Science and Technology (DOST), both of whom have developed official partnerships with Frontline, resulting in the acquisition of needed  sewing equipment, as well as capacity building training and other practical assistance.

FTW has also developed a partnership with FACES Apparel, Inc., a company based in California, USA, and that is deeply committed to fair-trade and socially responsibility. This partnership has resulted in the establishment of a new containerized micro-factory, that will soon be fully operational. This initial location at the Frontline mission center will employ as many as 15 people, and specialize in producing high quality T-Shirts for cause-oriented markets. It will also serve as a training center for our grade 11 and 12 students that seek to enter the garment industry or to learn management skills.