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In the humid heat of the Philippine afternoon, the breeze stirs the palm leaves high up in the trees, seemingly humming along to the chorus of voices in the background. A cow moos nearby - perhaps he is excited too. Under the simple corrugated roofing, propped up with coconut lumber poles, 30 people sway together and clap their hands to the joyful acapella praise. No speakers, no microphones; just the steady beat of clapping, and the smiles of happy villagers united in worship.

The house church movement at Frontline Worship Center in the Philippines is UNSTOPPABLE. All kinds of homes - the tiled, the unfinished, the dirt floor, the beautifully decorated, the air-conditioned – are opening their arms to welcome Frontline’s driven and dedicated team of leaders passionately sharing the gospel message. People are returning to the simplicity of meeting in homes and breaking bread together, of sharing their stories and the stories of Jesus. The testimony of this community “adds new believers” daily, with the meetings led by dedicated leaders giving their best effort for the cause of Christ.

Frontline Worship Center now has over 130 house churches, with a majority being birthed during the pandemic…and we dream of adding hundreds more this 2023.

Would you join us in this dream? Pray for us, and partner with us! 100% of your giving goes to planting churches and growing the Kingdom. Together, we can propel this UNSTOPPABLE movement of church planting!

Yours in Christ,

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