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Frontline focuses on social transformation, nation-building, and evangelism, aiming for a nationwide network of reproducing churches and ministry centers with a commitment to Church-Planting, Compassionate ministries, Education, and Social Enterprise.

Success Stories and Social Impact

Making A Difference

Jeff's Story - Think Differently

Jeffery Pessina

FBS 5th Anniversary

FBS Anniversary

Meet Jezza, A Scholar at FCA

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Judea's Story

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Hello! Meet the Kids at Face the Children

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The BLESS Story

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Jefferson's Story

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Testimony - Trainee from De La Salle Lipa

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Testimony - Trainee from LSPU - San Pablo Campus

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Testimony - Trainee from Laguna College

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Countless stories of life change and impact can be found throughout the PFM community. Click here for videos of people whose lives have been changed by being a part of the Frontline community.

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Building the Community Center


The rapid growth of our organization poses challenges in managing physical space and accommodating individuals across various endeavors within PFM’s group of companies. Frontline Business Solutions faces the need to expand its workforce to meet the demands of both local and international clients, as well as an increasing number of students seeking work-related experience. Similarly, Frontline Christian Academy and Frontline Worship Center experience growth in student enrollment and community membership, respectively. Our proposal to establish a community center will address challenges, extend social impact through job creation, SME support, and educational opportunities, while serving as a hub for our companies' activities and providing space for the academy's programs and the worship center's ministries, enabling us to continue our mission on a larger scale.

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Invitation to Partner

As we continue to grow, we are inviting investors and donors to join us on this journey to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our growing community in business, education, and faith.  Partnering with the Philippine Frontline Ministries goes beyond mere business transactions; it is a way of making a difference by giving back to the Lord and stewarding our organization with purpose.

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