A Feeding Program Story

Would you believe that a bowl porridge can meet the needs of not only a hungry stomach, but of a hungry soul? Frontline began conducting feeding programs in 2007. The first was at the Baloc dumpsite, one of the poorest communities in the city of San Pablo, where most residents earn their daily living sorting through garbage. It is a hard and dangerous way to make a living, and the earnings are well below what is necessary to sustain a family. As you might imagine, the malnutrition rate of children and adults in Baloc is alarming.

Rowena and visiting teams teaching & serving the children (dumpsite)

Every week for seven years Rowena Pessina, along with a committed team of helpers, conduct a feeding program at this destitute place. And every week children and adults line up to get the healthy porridge (called a “manna pack”). Before the feeding starts the team tells Bible stories to the kids, while Rowena shares the gospel with the adults and parents.


Jason Macaraeg teaching and feeding the kids (Riverside)

Today we can thank God that most of the people who have benefitted from this program have become believers that are now regularly involved in the church. In the past year more people have come to Christ at the Riverside feeding program, and have also become active members of the church.

Each week it has given us joy to see the excitement in the eyes of children looking for a bowl of porridge! And not just for the food, but the love of God channelled through His people.It’s been a blessing to watch this work grow and impact lives over the years, and to see people take the challenge to serve. Jason Macaraeg is a full time volunteer who helps organize and carry out the weekly feedings. He prepares and cooks the meals, and also tells the Bible stories to the children who attend.

To everyone serving at Frontline, or those who support the work in prayer and finance, this deserves some high fives to celebrate what God is doing.