What is success?

Success is a word that means many different things to different people. Some would reference success in terms of economic accomplishments and gains. Some would reference success as reaching an elite position within your career path. Having a strong and supportive family, surrounded by many friends, would be success for many. Still others would think of success as how much happiness you display and the contentment you have in your everyday life.

Defining success within Face the Children has been a process, and one which has been challenged at every step along the way. When you help children who have a background of Abuse, Abandonment, and Dangerous Neglect (AADN), you are bound to learn many lessons and have some trial-and-error scenarios. You also learn that success is not a one size fits all glove, and that success for many of the children will mean different things. That is why we believe success is the decision to seek God’s plan for our life, and live it out with full intent. For some that will mean advanced education and degrees, furthering the fields of technology, medicines, or psychology. But for others it might mean moving to a rural area and living life alongside hurting and broken people in poverty. Success will look very different for various people.

Jefhey 2Pictured here is Jefferson Bon, preaching for his first time at City Church. Jefferson used to be a “rugby boy” (glue sniffer), and he used to sleep on the cold sidewalks of the violent and dangerous streets of San Pablo. Jefferson joined FTC in 2006 and was the first child in our program to graduate high school and college. Jefferson had a good job at a well-known local company. He had the opportunity to commit himself fully to this career path and, very likely, he would have found economic and career success there. However, he made the decisions to leave the security and steadiness of his job and go full time at one of our Frontline Worship Centers, City Church. This was a decision that even had me wondering and questioning Jefferson. But as time has gone on it is clear that Jefferson is thriving in his role at the church, and has a joy that radiates through his daily life.

He may or may not one day own a home. He may or may not get married, have kids, and devote himself to being a husband and father. He may one day have an income that allows him to buy a car or travel the world, or he may not. Either way Jefferson has found success. For Jefferson, following his passion to serve the Lord in full time ministry is fulfilling and brings joy to him. When Jefferson lays his head down and night it is with peace and the sense of accomplishment. Success for Jefferson is serving his neighbor, friends, and the people of City Church. We look forward to seeing what else God has in store for Jefferson!