"We believe God cares for people body, soul, and spirit, and that this includes a compassionate care for current physical life needs."

The Scripture and the Spirit of God direct us to have compassion for the present needs of those who may be suffering. As we observe the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of people, we cannot but desire to serve and make a difference. We see ministries of mercy and compassion as an obligatory privilege granted to us as Christ’s followers.

We engage the needs of the poor in numerous ways. We minister in jails and government hospitals. We provide hundreds of meals each week to hungry children or adults. We have built homes for impoverished families, and have been deeply involved in disaster relief efforts. And through our Face the Children program we serve the cause of abandoned, abused, or dangerously neglected children, providing not only advocacy, but full time care, protection, oversight, and education.

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Face The Children

Face the Children is one of our compassion ministries, changing the lives of abused, abandoned, and dangerously neglected children.

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