"We believe God wants people restored to complete wholeness. and that such restoration includes the intellect."

As such, we deem a godly education critical to the development and future well-being of the young people we serve. An excellent education can change the trajectory of a person's life; education can free people from the vicious cycle of intellectual poverty that can trap them in economic poverty for generations.

For this reason, Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. (FCA) provides an excellent academic education with emphasis on character development, serving not only the children in our full time care program, but also those of the local community. FCA desires to be a leading institution in caring Christian education, in order to bless the future of the nation through excellence in the academic and holistic development of its young people.

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Frontline Christian Academy

Where caring comes first. Not only for academics, but for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

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