They’re my family

Matthew“They’re my family.” Three words can mean so much. Especially to a young, skinny 5th grader who grew up not knowing his father, being raised by just his mother and older sister.

Matthew came to Frontline and enrolled as a 5th grader in year 2013. He was shy, withdrawn, and was not one to take initiative when making friends. Last year, as a 7th grader, this was to be his last year here. Being raised by a single mother, their family sometimes has difficulty making ends meet. Since his older sister had enrolled in college, his mother decided to move Matthew to the free public school system. She simply could not afford to keep him at Frontline.

The public schooling system in the Philippines leaves much to be desired. And although Matthew was going to be enrolled in a “semi” public school, he was extremely sad that he had to leave a school where he finally felt at home. His Mom even told the FCA staff that Matthew had told her he did not want to leave because, “They’re my family.”

After some discussions, the school management decided to let Matthew enroll and stay at FCA, trusting that the Lord would meet our needs, and perhaps provide a sponsor for him. Though no sponsorship has yet developed, two years after he first set foot in our school, Matthew is now on the basketball team, an active and well-performing member of his class, and has become a regular member at Frontline Worship Center.

Family. Friendship. Faith. The feeling of “home.” These are things money can’t buy!

We rejoice in stories like his, and many others’. If you would like to partner with us for his schooling needs, you can email us at If you would like to give a general donation to the school, you can click here.

Thank you for your prayers and support!