Urgent Care, Feeding, and Hospital Ministries

Frontline conducts numerous feeding programs and community development programs each week in depressed communities, where many of the children are malnourished. These programs are a simple expression of God’s love that opens doors to share the gospel and to introduce people to Christ. The same is true of our weekly hospital outreach to encourage, pray for, and to provide practical/financial help to marginalized people suffering from sickness or disease. Frontline provides financial and practical assistance to the impoverished in situations of emergency need through a benevolent fund established for that purpose.

Face the Children (FTC)

Face the Children is Frontline’s orphanage that rescues and cares for abused, abandoned, or dangerously neglected (“AADN”) children, 24/7.  Officially started in 2005, FTC has served hundreds of children throughout the years. Dozens have graduated with high school diplomas from Frontline Christian Academy, Inc., and several have graduated from college and are now living independently with successful careers. In fact, some of our alumni from FTC have come back to help serve the children who still live here. Frontline is a home for these children, and we dream of helping hundreds more. 

Other Components

Financial Support and Current Needs

Invitation to Partners

As we continue to grow, we are inviting investors and donors to join us on this journey to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our growing community in business, education, and faith.  Partnering with the Philippine Frontline Ministry goes beyond mere business transactions; it is a way of making a difference by giving back to the Lord and stewarding our organization with purpose.

Open Invitaion