Social Enterprise

Frontline Business Solutions, Inc. (FBS) (Formerly Remotelink Phil. Inc)

FBS is a managed services company that provides a diverse range of services, both locally and internationally, in web design and development, accounting and bookkeeping, virtual assistance, and skills development. As of 2024, FBS has nearly 50 employees, and intends to grow the business into a world-class provider of web solutions and IT staffing services. Besides providing jobs in an excellent work environment, FBS gives scholarships to children from impoverished communities into Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. where hundreds of children have experienced a genuine, caring, Christ-centered educational experience.


  • 1. Web Solutions

    • a. Website Design and Development
    • b. Web Hosting & Domain Registration
    • c. Website Maintenance
    • d. Web-based Applications
  • 2. Virtual Office Solutions

    • a. Lead Generation
    • b. Social Management
    • c. Multimedia Production and Video Editing
    • d. Back office support
    • e. Email Campaigns and Newsletters
  • 3. Accounting Solutions

    • a. Dedicated Accounting Staff
    • b. Business Registration and Compliance
    • c. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • 4. Learning Center Solutions

    • a. Senior High School Work Immersion
    • b. College On-the-job Training
    • c. Continuing Studies
    • d. Seminars and Training

Frontline Thread Works (FTW)

FTW is a garments production company aimed at uplifting the lives of marginalized people by providing a dignified means of work and income. Our vision is a network of microfactories strategically located in needy areas, bringing the work TO the people. We hope that job provision and successful revenue generation will elevate the physical, mental and spiritual condition of the communities in which we exist. These initiatives will also be linked to our church planting efforts in the targeted locations.

Other Components

Financial Support and Current Needs

Invitation to Partners

As we continue to grow, we are inviting investors and donors to join us on this journey to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our growing community in business, education, and faith.  Partnering with the Philippine Frontline Ministry goes beyond mere business transactions; it is a way of making a difference by giving back to the Lord and stewarding our organization with purpose.

Open Invitaion