Frontline Worship Center

Holistically Advancing the Kingdom of God

dsc_0049-1Frontline Worship Center (FWC) is proudly a multi-site church. We now have seven Campuses, and three new sites under development where numerous people are gathering each week for worship services. These new sites are at various stages in development; one of these sites has grown to nearly 100 people weekly, and still meet in and around a small rural home! They are are now negotiating to secure a small plot of land in order to establish a more appropriate worship venue.

We believe in being with the people in the local communities we serve, and doing our best to positively affect the social realms of faith, morality, education, and quality of life. We do this by reaching out to all different kinds of people, regardless of their social or economic status, and engaging issues of faith, compassionate ministries to meet urgent needs, academic education, and social enterprise. In this way we holistically serve to meet the needs of the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of people.

Here are three important Core Values at FWC:

Intentional Outreach

Reaching out to people and helping them find their way back to God is our mission. We believe Christ modeled the way in reaching out to a lost and hurting world, meeting real human needs, and always presenting the love of God and free gift of salvation. This is our passion, evidenced by our strong sense of responsibility to evangelize communities everywhere for the Lord.

Making Disciples

sharingJesus is our model. He took genuine care and interest in the lives of those who followed him, and he taught them through Scripture, stories, and life example. We believe it is our responsibility to also help believers grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. We are committed to doing our part to raise up the next generation of spiritual leaders through a culture of genuine, caring discipleship.


We celebrate and rejoice when our church family reproduces! There is something in the very atmosphere of a hurting area that changes when a committed and God-fearing team of dedicated believers begin to meet and have regular church services in a new location. In cooperation with partners like NewThing International and New Churches Now, we are committed to apprenticing servant leaders, and sending out teams to plant new churches (faith communities of new believers) nationwide.