Humbled by God’s Power



Pastor Ruel DelMonte sharing FWC vision for “Green Box” Site during the recent dedication service of the new worship center.

In the past couple of years we’ve seen many people coming to Christ at the various sites of Frontline Worship Center (FWC). Hundreds of new believers have been baptized. The current theme at FWC is “Be One, Make One” – a time to consider what being a disciple means, and what it means to go on and make disciples as Jesus commanded.


“Table Talk Sunday” at FWC City Site. Once a month all FWC sites have group discussions on the preaching content of past weeks. It’s commonly the most enjoyed service of the month, as members share with each other, pray, and give testimonies.

We thank God for all that is happening, while we continue to believe for more. We long to see a deeper move of God that impacts our city, province, and eventually our nation. The vision statement of our church has long been: “A nationwide network of genuine and lively worship centers where people of all ages can meet Christ, mature in their faith, and get involved in ministry to impact and influence their community, nation, and world with the spirit, love, and message of Jesus Christ.” Admittedly, that’s a mouthful! But hey, it’s what we dream about. A Church that grows and goes! That reaches out and impacts the lives of those still in need of the Savior.

img-11Recently we ministered to the high school students of Frontline Christian Academy. On the last of our two-day event, as we observed these young ones talking heart to heart with their parents, hugging, weeping, and praying together, we were all humbled. Many of these youth and their families have become Christ followers through the impact of the Church and our School. We realized then that we have seen only the beginning of something wonderful. As much as we are humbled, we are also excited, and proud of all that God allows us to do.