Impacting our City and Communities in Need

“Love God and Love People” was the theme of our recent joint anniversary service of Frontline Worship Center (FWC). We had a wonderful day of praise and worship, thanking God for growth and development within the FWC community of believers over the past year. Visiting friends expressed amazement at the amount of talent and developing leadership there is throughout FWC. At times it’s a bit overwhelming to reflect on all that God has done. Truly we have a lot to celebrate, and yet our rejoicing is tempered with the challenge of knowing there is so much more to do in a world of incredible need.


Several of the original Frontline Band members singing a classic Frontline hit while the Church cheered them on. (These musicians still have it!)

It’s also exciting to see the Lord move in response not only to prayer, but even dreams we dream. One of our dreams is business initiatives that change lives and impact communities spiritually and economically. Social enterprise that provides dignified work and income to marginalized people, and generates revenue to sustain ministry toward these communities.


This was the motivation of our quilt sewing project at the Baloc dumpsite, an impoverished community and the location of one of our FWC Church Sites. Though we succeeded at training workers, and produced many beautiful items, the lack of an accessible market for the products rendered the effort unprofitable, and eventually we had to put it on hold.

Then one day “out of the blue” a sister in Christ who knew of our efforts came and offered her help. Since then we have not only acquired a grant of brand new industrial sewing machines, but a tie-up arrangement with a client interested in our vision and goals. The sewers are now in training and alimg-8ready filling orders. And then, through another Christian brother who partners with Frontline, we were introduced to a company in California that wants to partner with us in -can you believe it?- a sewing factory project aimed at uplifting the lives of people in need.

It’s lovely to see the Lord identifying with our dreams, and opening doors for partnerships with like minded individuals who want to bless others through enterprise development.