Hello, Partners and Friends,

We’re excited and proud to report God’s goodness over our Social Enterprise work, where our aims are not only to provide excellent jobs and meet the needs of clients but to generate revenues to sustain and grow our mission. Our two initiatives – internet and technology services at Frontline Business Solutions (or FBS) and manufacturing at Frontline ThreadWorks (or FTW) – have both seen wonderful growth and development recently.

As I shared in our last update, long-time Frontline mission workers David and Aiza Covic are the new Operations Managers of FTW. Though they had no former exposure to the garment sewing industry, they stepped up in faith, and have proudly grown the workforce from 8 to 35 people in 8 months... that’s up 15 just since last December! Under their direction, it isn’t just the workforce that has grown, but also profitability. This means not only additional revenues for the ministry but better wages for our workers. We are currently paying above industry standards in an industry that is notorious for paying outrageously low wages. To see the people of our communities earn decent wages and provide for their families through dignified work opportunities brings us great joy. We kind of feel like the “dams are about to burst” (in a good way that is!), as we already need to expand our work areas. We also have discovered that we need to purchase a delivery vehicle to keep up with demand.

Frontline Business Solutions, our IT company, continues to provide quality products and services to both foreign and local clients. Increases in work demand and clientele have required us to hire five additional workers in just the past few months. FBS appears to be on a rapid growth trajectory, and we are currently dealing with more “good stress” there, as our office space is maxed out, and we are faced with some serious decisions about moving partially or entirely to a new office space.

Looking forward, we are hoping to grow these businesses by 150% by the end of this year. God has also given us a dream of developing other businesses that exist primarily to honor God, love people, and contribute to social need. We also look forward to being able to start churches in areas of need by bringing not only the good news of Christ, but by showing concern for the economic plight of people in need.

Thank you again for standing with Frontline in prayer and financial support as we continue “working while it’s day” to “reach and help people find their way back to God!”

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