Dear friends, and partners in the Kingdom,

As Frontline Worship Center (FWC) heads into the 2nd quarter of this year, I am excited for what God has in store. We are currently finalizing plans to release 2 new house churches as official church sites, defined partly by these locations hosting their own Sunday celebration services. You might remember that last February we launched a site up in the Atisan mountains. This coming May we are commissioning and releasing two pastors, and will officially launch their churches in June and July.

We also continue to support the body of Christ outside of Frontline by continuing to initiate Catalyst Community seminars and workshops for local churches, under NewThing Philippines. Just last month (March) we were privileged to share and cast the vision of reproducing, with a church in the Philippine’s capital city of Manila.

One of my favorite days of the week is Thursdays; a day where I get together with the pastors, leaders, and church-planters for fellowship and mentoring. It’s a time of mutual encouragement… something we can’t live without! We share our struggles and joys together, and remind each other to continue to push forward and live out the “Jesus’ Mission” - the Greatest Commission. (Matt. 28:19-20).

While energy is high, and momentum continues to build, we aren’t without our struggles. As we work mostly in needy/poor communities, we have yet to discover the best way to sustain a growing church and also provide for the pastors’ financial needs, as tithing in such communities tends to be very low; or even in kind (crops, fish, etc.). I also keep praying to the Lord for His provision for our training center. I ask that you also partner with us in praying for that.

Thank you for your continued support. We are of One Kingdom; His Kingdom. May we continue to reach and help people find their way back to God!

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