A Matter of Perspective

img-1I’m writing at 35,000 feet somewhere over the South China Sea. My wife and I are on the final leg our journey back home to the Philippines. Our trip was very good. We enjoyed connecting with family, friends and ministry partners, and speaking in various settings of the work of Frontline. The respect and admiration people confer upon ourselves and the ministry of Frontline is both humbling and energizing.  God is truly good for giving us such loving partners.

Perspective is a funny thing. Our entire trip was seven weeks. But in the day to day it felt like seven months. Now that we’re approaching Manila, it seems we just left a few days ago! Does perspective have something to do with our current position toward a thing?

I remember the story of two salesmen once sent to Africa. They had the same mission: to research the viability of the production and sales of shoes. After a few days, one of the men sent a telegram explaining he was coming home early because the Africans, all barefoot,” didn’t use shoes.” The other salesman wired his office saying, “Huge opportunities! Everyone here needs shoes!” Most of us are familiar with phrases like, “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold” and “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” It’s really about perspective.

Perspective can affect our judgment and behavior toward many things. Looking around the world today we could easily retreat in the face of mountains of social, political, and economic troubles. We could shrug our shoulders and wonder, “What’s the use?” We can be paralyzed by the mountains of brokenness and need. Or, perhaps we could adjust or perspective and see huge opportunities before us. What better time to engage, invest and work than in the face of such monumental problems and needs we are facing today?

Before we boarded the plane earlier, I was informed of a tragic situation of four young girls suffering from gross neglect and other types of abuse. That’s a problem. The world is a messy place. But, these children were brought to our Face the Children program; and that’s a good thing. It’s another opportunity for us to see the redeeming power of Christ at work transforming lives of precious young children in need.


An Opportunity for Life! Four New children become part of Face the Children

I’m so thankful for the partners God has given us, who invest in the work of Frontline. Though we don’t turn profits financially, the return on investment is clear; lives of the needy and hurting are being transformed through the love of glory of Christ. Praise God!

Let’s not fail to see things from the perspective of opportunity. We have huge opportunities before us today to do great amounts of good for those in need. Rather than despair, let’s enter the fray and meet needs.

The Founder
Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.