Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Philippine Frontline Ministries, Inc.

Important and Simplified Information Regarding the New FCA Building Project

What is FCA doing?

  • Frontline Christian Academy (FCA) is contributing to nation building in the Philippines by providing a quality, caring, Christ-centered education to children from diverse backgrounds.
  • We are intimately serving the needs of children with a special passion for AADN children (abused, abandoned, or dangerously neglected), coming from the Face the Children (FTC) child care program of Frontline. Historically, more than 30% of the students at FCA have been AADN children.
  • FCA is evangelizing, presenting Christ to all who pass through our doors.

Why is FCA doing it?

  • Because a “successful adult life” for the children we serve is is one of our main objectives. We see it critical that children are exposed to Christ early, and that all academic education should be that which acknowledges and honors the God of the Bible.
  • We believe that to serve AADN children appropriately, we should control the educational environment and experience.
  • As a school, we believe we are called to influence the lives of young people, with a particular passion and regard for the poor and marginalized.
  • Because excellent Christian schooling can impact the future of the nation, raising up leaders for the future.

What is Needed and Why

A Brief History is necessary. FCA has operated for 10 years in a retrofitted warehouse that is no longer able to be improved or expanded. Our current capacity is 150 students maximum. Though the Department of Education appreciates and commends FCA for its care and academic excellence, they also are requiring us to move out of our current facility, because of design flaws, and regulations governing appropriate school structures.

Financially, we have operated at break-even for the past several years because of inability to accommodate more students. Because FCA is primarily a ministry, “breaking even” could be deemed ok. But it does not serve our larger strategic aims. As a result of this, the current need is a new school facility, and the action plan is as follows:

  1. Pay off the new Property: We’ve made a 10% down payment (of US$43,000) on a strategically located 2.8 hectare (6.9 acre) piece of property. As of this publication the total amount raised is USD$ 212,100, leaving a remaining balance of USD$ 220,000 needed.
  2. Accomplish Phase #1: Secure the land by installing walls, gates, electrical and water systems. Build the first school/admin building (Roughly USD$ 537,000)
  3. Finalize the Project: Doing so over next 5-7 years. Total project estimate USD$ 3.6 Million.

What’s Unique about FCA?

  • In a word… CARE. To be retained on staff at FCA, one must exhibit genuine care for children and young people. FCA genuinely loves its students, and we integrate character and good morals into the academic learning experience. Genuine CARE makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of the school, the level of excellence with which we serve, and the end result of the education of the children we serve.
  • Our commitment to provide what most children in the Philippines rarely receive… real opportunity in sports, arts, music, and other practical programs under development. Our new school will be the only in our region with a soccer field, swimming pool with swim team, and enhanced arts and music offerings.

Why the New Facility is Needed

  • It is required to meet Department of Education and other government regulations, in order to gain “full recognition” providing access to government scholarship funds for impoverished children.
  • We need a new facility to comply with grades 11 and 12, now required by the Department of Education.
  • Schools must OWN (not rent) their land and buildings to receive full recognition.

What’s the Bigger Vision

  • We believe our God-given mission is to become financially profitable, enabling the school itself to become the main “sponsor” of needy children, funding the living and education costs of needy students from the revenues realized by the successful operations of the School. Within the context of a financially successful business, FCA will be able to expand and grow to serve more cities and regions throughout the Philippines.

Who Will it Benefit?

  • Frontline has an abiding passion for the poor and marginalized, and for AADN children.
  • Most of the activities of the Philippine Frontline Ministries are to the needy poor.
  • The main beneficiaries will be 1.Children/Young People, 2.Parents/Families, 3.Staff/Volunteers of FCA, 4.The City of San Pablo (medium term), and 5.The Nation (long term)

Why not use the current area schools?

  • The public (and even much of the private) educational system performs verypoorly. The Philippines ranks 96th in the world with regards to Primary Education, and 67th with regards to the quality of Higher Education.
  • Due to widespread and endemic corruption, money that should be spent on new classrooms is pocketed by corrupt government officials. Most public schools are massively overcrowded, embarrassingly under supplied, and incredibly understaffed. In such an environment, the quality of learning is extremely low.
  • There is either the absence of a determination to inculcate and integrate godly values in the everyday lives of students that attend public schools, or a total failure to successfully implement such determination. Our aim is to build academic excellence and good character. Even if there are other private schools in the area, we believe that the genuine care and support given by our loving staff makes a world of difference.
  • See link:

Is this a “one-time” or an “ongoing” need/request?

  • Both are valid. We need money. But we also seek genuine friendship, partnership, and heart connection with our stakeholders.
  • Since this project will be done in phases, and will require a lot of money over time, there will be ample opportunity for stakeholders/donors to continue to participate across time if they wish to.
  • Giving is as much for the GIVER as for the RECEIVER. We hope and pray that donors will come alongside the vision and the mission and what God is doing in the Philippines, through their giving.

Other Notes:

  • We also provide jobs for local teachers; instead of prioritizing hires from large universities, we try to prioritize teachers who have gone to school here in the city and would like a job where they can be meaningfully employed and yet still have time for their families.
  • We genuinely try to influence these children to make the decision to have a meaningful relationship with God.
  • Many of the FCW students have chosen to start coming to church. Many have already been baptized. Numerous ones have already committed to volunteering in the several ministries the church is involved in. Family members are finding Christ as a result of this. FCA is therefore an evangelistic instrument as well as an academic institution.
  • Many students have said they “found a family” at FCA.
  • Many of the teachers have come to know Christ through their service at FCA.