This year marks my 38th year of missionary work to and with the Filipino people. What a blessing it has been to be “working while it’s day” in a nation that has been so open to the gospel! Though there have been plenty of difficulties, hardships, and trials along the way, it’s been exciting, fun, interesting, and fruitful too. God is good, and I feel so blessed.

I’m happy to share with our partners that the Lord has led us to take important steps to ensure our work continues strong into the next generations. This year we passed some batons of leadership to some good friends and longtime Frontline workers. Mike Erickson, one of our longtime missionaries, accepted the role of Executive Director and is now the general director of the work in the Philippines. On another front, Max Beloso was appointed as Lead Pastor of Frontline Worship Center, with Pastor Ruel DelMonte as Associate Lead.

For the record, I am not going anywhere! This is all a process of succession planning, to ensure Frontline stays strong, creative, and continues to grow and reach more people with the love of God and the gospel message of Christ Jesus. I could not be more proud and excited for what is in store for us in the coming years!

Working While It's Day,

Jeff Pessina


Our 19 church sites are on the move, actively pursuing the calling of Christ to love God, and love people. Reaching and helping people find their way back to God isn’t only a tagline, it’s a lifestyle, manifested in the daily lives of those who serve at Frontline Worship Center.

Two of our sites have recently celebrated their annual Thanksgiving Anniversary, rejoicing in God’s continual vision and provision. Frontline Worship Center (FWC) San Gregorio, fondly called “The Oreo Box”, celebrated its 8th year. This site, led by Ptr. Ron Catubay – one of our youngest pastors – continues to proclaim the Lord’s greatness and has already planted three new sites! Because of his youth, jolly spirit, and love for basketball, he has been instrumental in bringing the community together through basketball leagues, where he also QPU_Q4_2018 has had the chance to share the gospel and bring many more into the family of Christ. He truly does make church-planting fun!

Our newest site, FWC Sto Nino, has just celebrated their very first Thanksgiving Anniversary. Ptr. Orick Del Monte started this site through a small group gathering with the residents of his barangay (village). He and his family visited homes, prayed for people, and... well... did life together with this community. God began to open up homes, and more small group meetings. In just one year’s time, leaders – both young and old – are now being discipled and developed to help reach more people for Christ. This church meets in the yard outside Ptr. Orick’s home, with woven coconut leaves for walls... and they have actually already reproduced another site! Truly, the presence of the Lord dwells not in buildings, but in the hearts of His people.

Project Update

Many of you may know about our project; the Frontline Community Center/NewThing Southeast Asia Hub. This center will be a hub for training and equipping pastors and church leaders to be sent out to plant more churches.

While we have received support from international donors and partners, we are very proud of the support and participation that the FWC members themselves have so joyfully displayed. All the church sites have taken upon themselves different fund-raising techniques to contribute to this goal, ranging from “Hikes for A Cause” to selling rice cakes in the streets! We invite you all to partner with this project, through prayer or financial support.

We also ask that you pray for all the upcoming church-planting seminars around the country, and that God would continue to bring meaningful relationships and partnerships to Frontline Worship Center.

Fundraising Update as of November 2018

In the North American context, it is natural for us to be drawn to this remembrance, and to celebrate yearly the national holiday of Thanksgiving. Though the Philippines does not have such a dedicated day set aside for this, here at Frontline we are constantly grateful for the grace and provision of God.

We give thanks for the Face The Children (FTC) child residential care program, which serves abused, abandoned and/or dangerously neglected children. This year marked the completion of our government certification. It was a very lengthy process, and those familiar with government documentation (especially in third world countries) will appreciate the significance of this achievement. Our next step will be to apply for accreditation, which will open the door for greater opportunities – not only within our region, but the entire nation.

We also rejoice in the recent graduation of Judea, one of the first children to enter our program. She completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology, and plans to continue into medicine. Maybe we will soon have our first doctor from FTC!

We also give thanks for the feeding programs. These programs, started by faith (literally), continue to serve approximately 2,400 meals monthly month to the hungry and poor. This year, sponsorship for two ongoing programs was received, and a third program saw its funding increase as its weekly constituents increased from 35 to more than 100! And finally, we give thanks for the Hospital Ministry.

Week by week, our team visits and cares for the spiritual, physical and financial need of the people confined within the dire conditions of the public hospital. Of particular significance was the inspiring sponsorship of a life-saving heart operation for ten-year-old Lorraine, a girl from our Aquino church. This church site is located in a very impoverished area in the mountains. We were inspired and encouraged by the generosity of the dear sponsor, who even traveled here to be with us for the operation, and to witness the actualization of this family’s dream. “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus;” not just a maxim, but a reality.

As 2018 nears to an end, we approach 2019 with eagerness and anticipation as to what God has in store.

I continue to be moved and challenged by the life-change that people experience as they encounter God in a real and personal way through their involvement at Frontline Christian Academy. We truly see the Holy Spirit at work in our school, just like we do in our churches! And we are reaching and helping people find their way back to God at FCA. We are able to impact and influence students, their families, and our faculty and staff, with the love of Christ. In my one-on-one meetings with our team members, I am inspired, and my passion is ignited anew, as I hear the stories of their encounters with Christ. One such story is Hilda’s.

She came to FCA in January as a newly-hired Computer teacher. She grew up like so many others in this predominantly Catholic country, but admits that she really did not believe, and had no real understanding or faith. But little by little, bit by bit, through engagement in the morning staff devotions and conversations with loving believers, she began to open up. She found family, friends, and real, genuine relationship at FCA. She began to attend church at Frontline Worship Center and, just this past October, was baptized as a believer in Christ. Though her journey of faith is still fraught with hardships, she is now standing on the Rock that is Jesus Christ!

These stories, like countless others, make it even more worthwhile. Through your partnership with us, you truly are making a difference in the lives of people.

Project Updates

As an update to programs and projects, we are pleased to report that:

Student Sponsorships:

11 students from impoverished communities have been welcomed into FCA. You can learn more about sponsoring them at our website.

The Steward Project:

Roughly $128,000 of the $455,000 needed for the new classrooms have been raised. While the remaining number still presents a challenge, we believe that God will continue to provide.

Food for the Soul:

The weekly feeding program funded and conducted by the faculty and staff continues to bless children living in poverty, with an emphasis on character development. About 40-50 kids are in weekly attendance.

The Meal Before Christmas

grocery pack drive is about to begin! Please consider providing a meal for an impoverished family to share together on Christmas (see link below).

Please consider partnering, or continuing to partner with us in these endeavors. Visit www.frontlineacademy.asia/donate/fcaprograms for more information.

It’s been an exciting year of development and growth in Frontline’s social enterprise undertakings. We are thankful for a great workforce of people that are motivated, professional, creative, and fun to work with. Connecting with people through business has led us into a deeper appreciation of the fact that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof” (Psalm 24:1). We believe that God wants to be present, and bless all aspects of the earth – our lives, and all institutions of society – which of course includes the divinely given activity of work and business.

Being in business has led to many new, interesting relationships. Recently, Frontline officially became a corporate member of the city’s Chamber of Commerce – which also led to my election to its Board of Directors. Since then, they’ve been on an official tour to see and learn more about Frontline. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, culminating with a shared meal, and an opportunity to pray over the chamber members, its president, and the city. This has led to many new friendships, and even partnerships in ministry projects. We celebrate God’s goodness in opening doors for more meaningful relationships. Praise God!

Some highlights of this year:

Frontline Business Solutions, Inc. (FBS) was successfully formed, and is serving the needs of an increased number of clients – both local and foreign. The company, owned primarily by Philippine Frontline Ministries, is an integral part of our mission. Its 20 employees are highly motivated, working to improve and develop new products and services, and excited to serve more individuals and businesses in need of web solutions, bookkeeping & accounting, and other services. We have also been able to influence a growing number of students from local colleges and universities, who we’ve partnered with to offer a hands-on training experience. These students are impacted not only educationally, but holistically, as we engage in teaching them important life lessons for personal success through daily devotions and discussions.

Frontline ThreadWorks, our sewing micro-factory of some 20 employees, has also grown and developed in both technical and operational competencies. One of our missionary couples, David and Aiza Covic, have recently become the new official Operations Managers. Together they have made a big impact, and through hard work, patience, and dedication have brought the sewing factory to achieve positive revenue flows.

We look forward to much more growth and success in the future, and are grateful for your prayers! For more information on possible partnerships to serve your business needs, please contact jeff.pessina@thefrontline.asia.

Frontline - 2017 Financial Summary

Total Income $793,205

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