Quarterly Compassion Update – 2

Another school year has completed for the Face the Children within our care. Each one has successfully completed their studies and have advanced to the next grade level. Culturally, graduation ceremonies are held at three levels; Kindergarten, Grade 6 and Grade 10. Four of our FTC children graduated Grade 6 and two children from Kindergarten… our dear little Trixie being one of them.

Each summer, we conduct a summer program called “Step It Up”. This involves spiritual, educational and physical activities aiming to keep the children active during summer but also build core values and teamwork. A team from Frontline Worship Center led the program and it was a great hit! Step It Up culminated in a trip to a water park, where about 70 children and staff had a fun-filled day.

We’ve also had some recent transitions at the FTC residences. When an FTC youth reaches 18, they move into what we call Independent Living. This can mean a time of reuniting with extended family, or simply moving into prepared accommodations we have within the Frontline Camp. Two of our youth have recently entered this program, and moved into an apartment within the camp as they continue their studies at FCA.

Two new staff have been welcomed into our family several weeks ago. A former house parent resigned due to family concerns, and we soon after welcomed Sheralyn into our parenting staff . We are particularly excited about another new hire, Judea Delos Santos – whose name might ring a bell for partners who have been around for some time. Judea grew up at FTC and has recently graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

This time of year has become quite well known as “visitor” season. From May through August we welcome and host visiting teams from various countries. These friends of ours “do life” with us and participate in the various ministries of Frontline, such as feeding programs and hospital ministry. A recent team from Florida, after conducting a feeding
program at the local dumpsite, went house-to-house to meet families, pray over them, and bless them with a small bag of rice and food. At one house they discovered two children who were vastly ill; one baby near the point of death. Action was taken, and the child was soon after transported to the capital city of Manila for specialized care. Thankfully, the child is now recovering.

There are so many more stories to share and to celebrate around the Compassion Ministries of Frontline. We thank you for being part of the reason these celebrations are possible. God bless you!