Quarterly Partner Update-3 Education

Frontline Christian Academy (FCA) is four months into the new school year, which began last July 15. We were excited to meet 36 new students along with their families.This past August, we celebrated “Buwan ng Wika,” which is the National Month of the Filipino Language. At our culminating activity, the FCA students proudly represented different tribes of the Philippines, wearing traditional tribal attire and even greeting the audience in the tribal dialect. It was a welcome reminder that though the country is diverse, we are but one nation–a similar picture of us as Christ-followers–though we come from many diverse situations and walks of life, we all belong to the family of Christ.

September was another full-month; the annual Business Expo Week, where groups of students create small, short-term businesses, was a very successful event. The students had to invent, re-invent, advertise, and sell their products, as well as present the business concepts to a panel of “potential investors.”We believe this is a small step in the right direction as we want to continue to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship at FCA.

Our student athletes worked hard and did well during the inter-school sports competition. Prince Flores, a 6th grade student, placed 3rd in the Badminton Event. It was especially a challenge for our girls’ volleyball team, as the elementary students who won the previous years’ games have moved on the highschool team, and the elementary team has welcomed 8 and 9-year old beginners on to the team. Although it was a new experience for many of our athletes, they played well, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

We rejoice greatly in the success of our students from Face the Children (FTC), as all 4 that took the Philippine Educational Placement Test (to place them in more appropriate grade levels for their ages) passed with flying colors! Our teachers are thrilled, and will be working hard to help the students thrive throughout this transition.

PROJECT UPDATESThe Steward Project: Construction for the new school is going smoothly. The remaining need for this building phase is at $277,000. There has been much interest in this project, and we are praying about how to complete the needed financing; whether through special events, or other means. Please pray that the Lord would continue to inspire people to connect with this cause. Online giving is possible at www.frontlineacademy.asia/donate/stewardproject. We also ask you to pray for the Lord’s favor with our local government. Misconduct can be found worldwide when dealing with politics and projects, but we continue to work with ours standing on integrity and honesty.

The Meal Before Christmas: The annual grocery pack drive will start soon! Please consider providing a meal for a needy family on Christmas.

To learn more, or partner online with these projects, visit www.frontlineacademy.asia/donate/fcaprograms