Quarterly Partner Update-3 Social Enterprise

We are pleased to report that our social enterprise initiatives, Frontline Business Solutions (FBS) and Frontline Thread Works (FTW) have seen a surge of growth this past year.In August, FTW finished a contract order for its first major client, delivering in total more than 110,000 pieces of clothing! Our sewing team of 55 people have done a great job at increasing their skills, abilities, and capacity to deliver high quality products. We are now negotiating our next project, but until it is finalized, the workers are busy fulfilling other orders for smaller clients nearby.

We’ve also had to hire a bookkeeper, and recently moved our office operations into a newly built extension building. So not only is FTW busy, open for business, and expanding, it has outgrown cottage industry limitations. As such, we are incorporating FTW as its own company. In line with our objectives, it will be primarily owned by Philippine Frontline Ministries, serving to further sustain and grow our mission.

At FBS the office is full-packed not only with employees, but also groups of 25 students from local schools, availing of our internship program. This year we will accept 75 students for internships in three batches. We are blessed to be able to impact these young professionals not only in the area of their educational field (Information Communication and Technology), but also in the areas of personal leadership effectiveness and character development.

Team spirit is high, and our staff were fired up by the annual team building held a couple months ago. One of our major clients joined us during this event, where we purposefully took time for fun, self and company evaluation, and creative planning. We are excited about the future as we continue to develop and improve the company in every way.

For inquiries about business partnership in the IT/Management Services area and/or garment industry, please email as at info@frontlinebusinesssolutions.com.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership!