Quarterly Partner Update-3

Hello to our Frontline family!

The past few years we have been prayerfully and strategically girding the foundation of Frontline for growth, which has brought a time of change and (sometimes uncomfortable) stretching for all of us… growing pains, as some might say. People have come and gone, positions have been filled and emptied, and the formality of organizational policies and operations have been defined and refined. As you may know, Frontline has developed into four very distinct, but unified, ministries: Church Planting, Compassion, Education, and Social Enterprise.

Organizational change always takes time, commitment to each other and the mission, and a constant beckoning for God to lead us with wisdom and guidance. As you will see in this update, every ministry around Frontline is growing at a rate only God can sustain. Frontline’s influence is far-reaching – from children to adults, poor to rich, illiterate to highly educated, unbeliever to believer.

The Education and Compassion ministries rescue needy children, educate youngsters and young adults, and seek to expand the individuals’ God-given talents and abilities. Through Church Planting, we are raising up new leaders, commissioning new pastors, educating and training church workers, and starting new small groups and house churches nearly every month! With the new training center project in motion, we are poised to further widen this effort into other countries in Asia. Believing that church goes beyond the four walls of any building and into our daily lives, the Social Enterprise initiatives continue to influence the nearly 100 people now employed in our businesses. These individuals, most of whom are from our local community, have regular devotionals, times of sharing, and are honored with fair wages and benefits. Very few businesses in our area operate this way, but we strive to honor God with integrity – and believe Him to provide the finances and expansion.

With this year’s exponential growth and multiplication in ministry activity and impact, there is also an increased need for your prayers and financial support. If you are contemplating where to give a year-end, tax-deductible gift, Frontline is a good kingdom investment. Please consider financially partnering with us in furthering the cause of Christ. We know where the Lord has given vision, surely He will bring about provision. We also invite you, your small group, or your church to contact us about possible mission trips in 2020.

With a heart of gratitude,

Michael Erickson
Executive Director