Quarterly Social Enterprise Update-2

Here at Frontline we celebrate genuine advances in our social enterprise undertakings. Since choosing this as a strategic undertaking that we would commit to–some 15 years ago–it’s been an uphill journey; but an incredible learning and development experience. After years of “sticking to it” (which included many times of wondering if we’d ever be successful) God has been blessing our work and faith.

In our technology company, Frontline Business Solutions, Inc (FBS), we’ve continued to mature and develop as a company, expanding our client base, increase expertise and quality in our products and services, and maintain very high employee and client retention rates. FBS now has 23 employees serving a growing number of local and foreign clients; and while we are clearly a small company, we praise God that FBS is earning enough not only to take care of its employees, but to contribute financially to the mission objectives of Frontline. Besides donating to church planting needs, we have continued sponsoring 10 children from poverty stricken communities into our school.

Much the same is now true of our sewing project, Frontline Threadworks (FTW). The growth in the past year has been so much that we must register FTW as a separate business (as opposed to a “cottage enterprise”). In just the past three months we have hired 10 new employees, bringing the daily workforce to over 50 people! We have added new sewing machines and cutting equipment, and produced and delivered nearly 50,000 products to our clients in just the past few months.

This too has meant that FTW can both take care of its employees, and begin sharing toward the other mission objectives of Frontline. For example, recently FTW contributed financially to our church in the mountains of Atisan. And after that, was also able to give a P100,000 ($2000) donation to the reproducing (church planting) fund of Frontline Worship Center!

We could not be more proud and thankful for these developments. We trust the Lord to continue to build our social enterprise team that leads us not only to grow, but to establish other enterprises to provide jobs in a godly caring environment, and to generate more revenue to sustain and grow our ministry outreach.

Prayer requests:
• We need God to give us more wisdom, and lead key people to work in
• our social enterprise initiatives.
• We need God’s blessing to increase our professional skills in serving clients in the technology and manufacturing sectors.
• We need God’s direction to grow these financially, professionally, and spiritually.
• We need the Holy Spirit present in our workplaces every day.
• We need favor and guidance from the Lord for larger work spaces that are affordable.
• We need God to lead the right donors, investors, and partners to work with us.
Thank you for praying and partnering with Philippine Frontline Ministries!

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