The meaning of “Opportunity”


For the first time in more than 20 years, Rowena and I are traveling alone; meaning, without kids in tow. Yeah, we know, it’s a sign of the times, and called aging! October 4th marked my 34th year of service in the Philippines! Well, though we may be walking a bit slower, we’re happy to say that the pathway still shows a long way to go, and we’re as excited as ever about the vision and mission God has given us!

Receiving this letter means you’re a partner. Personally, we want to thank you for the respect and the faith your partnership represents. Thank you also for your prayers; for your friendship; and thank you for your financial support. It’s a trust we genuinely appreciate.

For many years people have encouraged us, by speaking of the inspiration of our lives, and citing the “sacrifices” we make. Though being out on mission in a place of poverty and need certainly involves give and take, the truth is we feel privileged to be involved in the work of God in such a harvest field. A field where the message of Christ is welcome, received with faith, and where lives are being transformed. Consider Rachel in the pictures below. Rachel is just one of hundreds of children we have had the privilege of serving in just the past several years. Frontline has become home to some 50 children today. Children whose lives are being redeemed and changed forever.


America has long been known as the land of opportunity. Recently I was thinking that many people today need to reevaluate the meaning of “opportunity.” What do we consider opportunity? Or, opportunity worth striving for? Throughout the world today opportunity abounds. Opportunity to live a life of purpose, a life on mission, a life that is daily involved in making a difference to people all around us that are in need.

We thank you again for seeing and being involved in the opportunity presented here at Frontline. May God bless you more and more as you continue to invest in a work that is “Reaching and helping people find their way back to God.”

Philippine Frontline Ministry